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Georgia Helmets
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After defeating Tennessee 11-9 the Diamond Dogs are one win away from their second consecutive sweep of a conference opponent.

It’s looking like Jonathan Crompton will be the number one quarterback for Team Kiffin.

Football on the Brain doesn’t see what’s so awful about playing the Georgia-Florida game in Atlanta once every four years. I know it’s unpopular, and will probably never happen anyway, but I agree. Let the Gayturds endure the logistics of an away game and have it called “neutral” every now and then. Sheesh.

Nick Montana, son of NFL legend Joe Montana, told the AJC he is serious about playing the for the Dawgs. There are lots of reasons but he really likes the Georgia’s style of offense and it doesn’t hurt that we’re about to be able to lay claim to the first selection in the 2009 NFL draft.

The Macon Telegraph knows that despite losing two first rounders off of the offense, in 2009 it will be all about the defense.

In a conversation with the AJC’s Jeff Schultz former UGA basketball coach Hugh Durham talks about the great opportunity Georgia hoops represents for the next man to occupy the top job.

On the subject of basketball, Georgia Sports Blog profiles the new favorite to be leading the Dogs onto the hardcourt next year, Missouri’s Mike Anderson.

Jeff Owens is back in a blogging mood lately. His latest post, an ode to the Bulldog Nation, is well worth a read.

While 49ers legend Joe Montana was cruising around Athens with his son, his former team said they’d probably pass on Stafford based on some cockamamie psychobabble. Bizarre.

Bubba ‘n Earl have a great post on restoring the Clemson rivalry. I say “no thanks”. We’ve already got a permanent ACC opponent and a neutral field game gumming up the schedule. One every ten years or so for the novelty is just right.

Have a great Sunday. Enjoy the sunshine and Go Diamond Dogs!

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  1. Nick Montana and his brother were on this HBO Sports story special about Quarterback Guru Steve Clarkson. Clarkson has trained everybody from the Clausen kids to Matt Leinart(who appeared in the HBO sports story with the Montana boys and Clarkson). They interviewed a few NFL front office people and they said that NFL teams could not afford to pay him as a NFL QB coach. His QB camp is up their with the Mannings.

    Nick Montana and his brother(I can’t remember the other kids name but I saw at the Hawaii Bowl he was waring his father’s 49er number 16) who is now at Notre Dame were like the “customer testimonials” along with their Hall of Fame father vouched for Clarkson as an expert. I don’t know if Nick Montana has the arm strength of Mettenburger or Murray but he might have the mental/field reading ability on them just by training with this guy on a weekly basis. If you have HBO on demand, it was interesting football story to watch.

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