The G-Day Game Approaches. Ready?

The G-Day Game Approaches

The 2009 G-Day game should be one of the best ever. The weather is looking perfect, admission is FREE and ESPN will be broadcasting live with Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler calling the action. Paying attention recruits?

Gates open at 10:30 a.m. and kick-off is scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

Tim Tucker of the AJC has a couple of good G-Day updates to share as we get closer to toe hitting leather. Outside of the bad news about the injury to Kris Durham, a couple of things in Tucker’s first G-Day post stood out.

You will see A.J. Green, and in more places than last year.

“I’m learning different sides. I’m sometimes on the short side. I’m in the slot sometimes,” the SEC’s leading receiver of 2008 said Monday. “I’m trying to extend my game to help me out and help my team.”

It’s kind of difficult to imagine A.J. Green being much better than he was last year. He seemed to catch everything thrown his way and was definitely the guy on the receiving corps that struck the most fear into opposing defenses. Now that he’s operating at 100% and has a better understanding of the offense, the sky is the limit. Life is good.

You’ll also probably get a glimpse of Fred Munzenmaier, the backup fullback the past two seasons, carrying the ball at tailback. He’s intrigued the coaches in recent practices at the position, and Richt expects him to get some tailback carries on G-Day.

Is anyone else thinking Verron Haynes? I know that’s putting the cart out about a mile before the horse but this is what I visualize when I hear about Munzenmaier lining up at TB.

Staying on the topic of TB… Carlton Thomas will be another one to watch.

He, by all accounts, has impressed teammates and coaches this spring.

“He’s a little bit like [former Bulldog] Tyson Browning,” Richt said, “because he’s not a real big guy and he can make people miss. He runs with more power than Tyson did. He’s not as fast as Tyson was, but the agility and change of direction [are] very similar. That’s probably the closest comparison to anybody we’ve had here or even at Florida State. He’s coming right along. He’s doing a nice job. Going to be a pretty good player.”

Will Caleb King end up being just another runner in a three man platoon? Will Logan Gray challenge Joe Cox? Will Murray challenge Gray for the No. 2 spot?

Many interesting story lines for Georgia fans to follow on G-Day. After all, this will be our last look at the Dawgs before they tackle the grueling 2009 schedule. Better enjoy.

See you on Saturday.

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