UGA Pro Day Round-up

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and it looks like some DGDs guys made themselves some extra bank today. Members of the Dawg Nation were fortunate to have a Georgia blogger and the top UGA beat writer on the scene sending out tweets as the action was happening.

Of course everyone wanted to see Stafford throw since he passed on the opportunity at the combine. Preferring to throw to the UGA seniors he’s gotten comfortable with over the last three years.

Stafford didn’t disappoint.

Another scout told Mark Richt he saw Stafford make throws he had never seen another quarterback at make at that level, and while officials from all 32 NFL teams took in the show, it will be up to the Detroit Lions to decide if Stafford will be at the top of this year’s draft class.

Chris Low thought something else stood out about Stafford.

The thing that’s most impressive to me about Stafford is how he’s totally reshaped his body. Remember how he almost looked pudgy when he first came to Georgia? Not anymore. He looks like a different guy and said he’s in the best shape of his life. Stafford said he really hasn’t lost that much weight. He played at 228 pounds last season and said he’s now 225, but he’s totally redistributed that weight.

Unfortunately, Knowshon Moreno didn’t improve on his 40 time from the combine. That’s too bad for him because I’m sure he poured his heart into improving it but anyone with a single cell of football knowledge know he’s the top running back, by a mile, in this draft.

Asher Allen did what Knowshon couldn’t; improved his 40 time.

“First thing on my mind was my 40,” Allen said. “I wanted to run a 4.35 or under, and I did that. A lot of teams just questioned the speed – something that people who know me have no question about – but I think I did a good job with that.”

That’s great for Asher and I hope he moves up into the second round to get the serious money. Fortunately for him and the other Dogs showing off, it was a true who’s who of the NFL world in Athens today.

Representatives of all 32 NFL teams — and in some cases three or four from each team — will be on hand as the Bulldogs’ two offensive stars from this past season, along with 12 other UGA players, show off their wares for NFL scouts.

To get the live recaps of the action on the ground don’t forget to check out the twitter pages of @bulldogsblog and @BD_Illustrated. Both provided excellent live coverage to their twitter followers.